The home selling process is much more nuanced than it may appear at first glance. From choosing the right real estate agent to prepping your home to hit the market, these are the top ten things you should do to sell your home like a pro.

10 Tips to Sell Your Home

  1. Enhance Curb AppealCurb appeal is that first impression. Make it great!

In real estate, the first impression is the only impression. The exterior of a house is often a reflection of the interior, so it’s important to spruce up the front yard before you begin opening your home to potential buyers. Plant inexpensive shrubs and flowers to add a pop of color, or paint the front door. Your house should appear as friendly and welcoming as possible to pique buyers’ interest.

  1. Price It Right

Whether you’re selling the house yourself or with an agent, it is crucial that you set the right price for your home from the beginning. One common strategy is to find out your home’s value and then shave off 15 to 20 percent. This may make your home very attractive compared to others for sale in the area, and will likely lead to higher bids and potentially even a bidding war between home shoppers that will push the ultimate sale price higher.1

  1. Depersonalize

Homeowners want to picture themselves living in a new home. If your family pictures are hung up Depersonalize your home to allow buyers to envision their the hallway or there’s clutter scattered around the living room, they won’t be able to. Remove a third of your belongings from the house to showcase its potential. Many home sellers hire a professional home stager to expertly arrange their furniture and maximize the use of space.

This home tour in Mt. Airy, Maryland shows how depersonalizing can turn your home into a clean slate for potential buyers.

  1. Don’t Over Upgrade

Unless you’re remodeling your kitchen, don’t try to tackle an entire home makeover. In most cases, home sellers do not make back the money they spent on renovations. Make smaller updates, such as painting the walls, upgrading door handles or fixing leaky faucets, to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Pay Attention to the KitchenDon't overdo, but remember, the kitchen is the most important room.

Though you shouldn’t upgrade your entire home, it will be worth it to revamp your kitchen. If your kitchen looks dated, a buyer is likely to offer $10,000 less than the asking price. It’s worth spending a few thousand dollars upgrading the countertops so buyers have the impression of a modern kitchen. Painting the walls with a neutral color gives buyers a blank canvas so they can envision their own style.

Check out this home tour to see how a far a kitchen upgrade can go to improve the look and feel of your home.

  1. Maximize the Light

Good light, similar to having a good location, is the one thing every buyer wants in a home. No buyer is going to want a dark and dungeon-like house, so lighting is critical to the sale. Allow as much natural light into your home as possible by removing curtains, changing lampshades and doing whatever is necessary to make your house appear bright and cheery.

This home tour is an excellent example of maximizing the light in your home. A basement can seem dark and dingy if improperly displayed!

  1. Don’t Get Emotionally Involved

When selling your home, you’ll likely realize how emotionally attached you are. This is the place where you made a life for yourself and your family, so it’s understandable. But to successfully sell your home, you’ll have to detach yourself from the emotions. Try to think of the situation in strictly financial terms to distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling the property.2

  1. Conceal Pets

You might think it would be nice for buyers to see a cute, cuddly animal while viewing a house, but that’s not true, unfortunately. Buyers don’t like seeing bowls of dog food or tufts of pet hair stuck to their clothes. They will likely walk away with the impression that your house isn’t clean. It’s a good idea to send the pets to stay with friends, family or a pet hotel on open house days.

  1. Craft an Irresistible Listing

Many homebuyers begin their journey browsing websites like Zillow, Trulia and, so ensure your listing appears on each website. Your listing should include lots of good photos that Just listing your home? Sell is quick with tips from Chris Thompson Team.are higher quality than something taken from a phone. Another popular tactic is taking photos of your home via a drone — it’s a must in today’s market! Listings should also include positive information about the neighborhood and community. Try to sell the homebuyer a lifestyle, not just your house.3

  1. Play the Agent Field

Do your research to find a broker who is experienced and informed. Ideally, they will be constantly monitoring the multiple listing service to know the comps in your neighborhood. An Get the right realtor for you and your needs. Shop around.agent with preexisting knowledge of your area likely has a better grasp of what appeals to homebuyers searching in your community. Better yet, find one who embraces technology as they’ll have a tool chest full of marketing strategies, both digital and traditional, to get your house noticed by potential buyers.

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